Q: I see some images I’m offended by, will you remove them?
A: Of course, just please email and let us know which image you are offended by and we will remove it immediately. We want to keep all customers happy and give them the best on site experience. We appreciate your input to keep our site the best!

Q: I have some cool wallpapers I think you guys should have, can I submit them for approval?
A: No, upload/user system is not developed yet.

Q: Can I buy some wallpapers?
A: No, we’re not selling anything.

Q: Why I can’t download some wallpapers?
A: We’re limiting downloads: 50 downloads per IP address for 1 day.

Q: Can I get higher resolution wallpapers?
A: No, we are displaying them in original size.

Q: Can you email me over the wallpapers at my request?
A: Sorry we don’t email images, all images must be downloaded directly from our website.

Q: Can I use your wallpapers on my website or computer?
A: Wallpapers are free for personal, non-commercial use only.

Q: Am I Required To Link Back To You?
A: No! But we REALLY appreciate it when you do!.

Q: Can I get permission to use any wallpaper?
A: We can’t give any permission because we’re not owning them, for additional information please read our Privacy Policy.

Q: Why nobody is writing me back for my email?
A: Possible that You are asking for some things and it already described in Privacy Policy or explained at this (FAQ) page.

Q: Can I report a bug or some other errors on the pages?
A: Yes, we REALLY appreciate it.